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About IBE

IBE is a Independence Business Enterpreneur ideology of Winiscab with objectives to self empower her members to create a sustainable passive income annexing your network to procreate your Net-Worth. Considering the unaccessibility of health services to the wider pupurlacy, we have put in place a platform that will cater for your health needs as time evolves through Nationa Health Insurrance Scheem "NHIS", also we have created a structure with a plan to empower our members to acquire a car of their own and other benefits. Note IBE is not a get rich scheem but rather a platform raising enterprenuer to meet their financial goal.

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Our Ideology

Independent Business Entrepreneur is designed to accommodate the Members needs of getting Good Health Insurance, starting individuals or co-operate businesses while owning homes of their own. Hence the need to give everyone the opportunity to begin at their various levels of little beginning. All plans are designed with certain consideration in place such as; longevity, stability and continuity.

IBE Focus

Every plan is accompanied with corresponding explanation to adequately guild all visitors and members before they jump in because Here in International Business Entrepreneur there are no hidden Agenda. It is very simple and straight forward. The first thing you must know is that International Business Entrepreneur is not an investment program. It is not a money double neither is it a Hyip. We are strictly and purely an E hailing company and what we do basically is Book and Ride company were we share part of our profits and revenue as generated on our platform. There are no gimmicks here, our plans are realistically and sustainable designed to prosper every member.

How It Works

Register on The Platform

To register click on the above registration button and follow through the steps or use your sponsor url link to complete a registration

Fund Your Member Wallet

From the member area back office click on fund wallet and follow suites

Upgrade to Get A Placement

Unpon successful wallet funding, your matrix placement is automatically activated

Share With Family & Friends

The internet world has grown to become a large global village where we share, appreciate and compensate over and over again.

Health Insurrance Policy

Access to 1yr Health Insurance Scheem with nation wide coverage.

Receive Lots of Awards

For every little efforts both direct and indirect are been rewarded

Members Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

01. FAQ

A one-time initial membership of N5000.00 There is no monthly fee's or any additional cost.
No. The re-entry fee is automatically deducted from your generated revenue.
No. Once you cycle from the Feeder, We advice that you join under your sponsor.
How and when do I get paid?
Once you have commissions, do the following to get paid: Login to your account, click on CASHOUT link and place your withdrawal request. (Your commissions will get delayed if you do not have valid account bank details on file)
We pay through into your Bank Account , we pay with same Account number that is used to pay your membership fee. We pay every Friday from when you make a withdrawal request.

02. FAQ

It takes just 6 members to cycle.
No. You have the support of your up-line, downline, and the WinisCab/Ibe company. You can receive spillovers from your up-line, spill-under from your downline, re-entry followups from your direct referrals, and random referrals from the company mail link (active only certain times). In conclusion, sponsoring new referrals isn't that difficult, especially as time passes.
All of your direct referrals will always follow you into your new matrices after they cycle, thus making it very easy to cycle as time passes.
Yes. You can open more than 1 account. Just make sure that you use a different email address.

03. FAQ

Just go to the following link, enter your email address and we will send a new system generated password. Please know that requesting your password too many times can halt your account.
Login to your account, click on "edit profile", from there you can change password

04. FAQ

You will get free re-entry position each time you cycle - and an email will be generated each time to congratulate you.

05. FAQ

No! You are paying for member ship with your upgrade. If you decide not to use your account, that's your choice.
When you registered to Independent Business Entrepreneur your sponsors name and ID were in clear view at the top of the join page. We cannot move anyone once your payment has been verified and your account has been activated.

06. FAQ

When you registered to Independent Business Entrepreneur your sponsors name and ID were in clear view at the top of the join page. We cannot move anyone once your payment has been verified and your account has been activated.

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